The Joy of Being at the Spa

Refresh your senses.
Come home to yourself.
We invite you to a mindfulness retreat at the spa.

Our retreats bring the new science of mindfulness to the ancient tradition of healing and renewal at the spa.

About Mindfulness

Mindfulness means:

  • paying attention,
  • on purpose,
  • in the present moment,
  • nonjudgmentally.

Mindfulness is a simple awareness practice — a way to be aware of what you’re experiencing right now without needing to judge or change anything. Research studies show that programs of mindfulness have helped many people to heal and find peace of mind. Regular mindfulness can help even healthy people to support physical and emotional well-being.

About Our Retreats

Our wellness retreats provide a direct experience of mindfulness, guiding you in a simple, easy-to-learn method that’s useful for everyday life too. We meet at full-service spas that respect mindfulness and support us in this practice. Our programs regularly include hydrotherapy and massage.

During the retreat, you learn to cultivate your capacity for open mindful awareness, experiencing your body and your senses, savouring the pleasures of the present moment, letting your mind settle. Through mindfulness, the spa invites you to be here now, in the joy of being.

About Lucinda Sykes, MD

Lucinda Sykes, MD has been the director of Meditation for Health Clinic since 1997. Dr. Sykes has a special interest in the history and psychology of the spa. She and the clinic have sponsored Mindful Spa events since 2010. Learn more >

About Pam Hammond, RMT

Pam Hammond is a Registered Massage Therapist, Shiatsu Therapist and a Certified Lymph Drainage Therapist. For the past 16 years, Pam has worked with the Princess Margaret Cancer Rehabilitation and Survivorship Clinic, and she continues an active private practice in Toronto. Pam is co-chair of the Canadian Lymphedema Framework Education and Working Group.

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